Situri din România

Plante medicinale

Centrul pentru politici și servicii de sănătate

Distance Learning


Situri de la noi și din lumea largă


·                                 HerbMed

·                                 Plantes comestibles


·                                 AIDS Action Committee

·                                 AIDS Research Institute

·                                 Aidsmap

·                                 CDC National Prevention Information Network

·                                 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

·                                 Global Health Council

·                                 Healthfinder

·                                 HIV/AIDS Daily News

·                                 HIVDent

·                                 International AIDS Society

·                                 International Council of AIDS Service Organizations

·                                 Johns Hopkins AIDS Service

·                                 Sida Info Service

·                                 The Body

·                                 U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Special Health Services/AIDS

Children and youth

·                                 Advocates for Youth

Community organizations

·                                 African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute

·                                 Asian AIDS/HIV Law & Policy Resource

·                                 Johns Hopkins University Center for Community Programs


·                                 AIDS in Africa

·                                 World Health Organization

·                                 Averting AIDS and HIV

MEDIA, general

·                                 AIDS Education Global Information System

MEDIA, journals

·                                 BioMedNet

·                                 Cell

·                                 Experimental Medicine

·                                 Lancet

·                                 Nature

·                                 New England Journal of Medicine

·                                 Science

Patients rights

·                                 Canadian HIV-AIDS Legal Network


·                                 Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

·                                 Global Campaign for Microbicides

·                                 Kaiser Family Foundation


·                                 HIV and AIDS Statistics

·                                 California AIDS Clearinghouse

·                                 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

·                                 AIDS Stats Main

·                                 HIV InSite

·                                 Health Square

Treatment and access


·                                 Campaign For Access to Essential Medicines

·                                 Critical Path AIDS Project

·                                 International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care - IAPC

·                                 Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

Vaccines - clinical trials

·                                 American Foundation for AIDS Research

·                                 Bulletin of Experimental Treatment for AIDS

·                                 Canadian HIV Trials Network

·                                 International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

·                                 NIAID AIDS Vaccines

·                                 HIV Vaccine Trials Network


·                                 Global AIDS Alliance

·                                 National Pediatric AIDS Network

·                                 Staying Alive

·                                 The Stop AIDS Campaign

·                                 UNAIDS

·                                 UNICEF Voices of Youth

·                                 United Nations Development Program

·                                 United Nations Drug Control Program

·                                 Youth Noise





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